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Business Debt Resolution

Introducing the RISE program – the sure path out of business debt.

Are you struggling with unsupportable business debt and personal guaranties, unsure of how to regain control of your finances? 

At Rise Alliance, we understand the challenges you’re facing. That’s why we offer tailored debt restructuring services designed with your unique business in mind.

Debt restructuring is an understandably delicate process. Not all debt settlement companies conduct business ethically or prudently, resulting in business owners being financially worse off than before.

Our RISE Program (Restructure, Insulate, Strategize & Emerge) allows you to resolve your debts ethically and without bankruptcy

Rise Program


Our restructuring solutions work for businesses of all sizes, not just the largest corporations deemed too big to fail. Whether you’re a small business with outstanding SBA obligations, or an enterprise-level company with a complex board of directors, we create a single, clearly outlined path to resolution. 

Restructuring preserves business value to the benefit of all parties including business owners and their creditors. As a pragmatic alternative to more debt, bankruptcy or failure, restructuring offers the most ethical and certain path to resolving distress while preserving businesses, jobs and economic activity.


We immediately insulate your cash flow, operating accounts, receivables and customers from creditor interference. No longer can an MCA company freeze your Stripe account, or try to get money from your customers directly. This action puts control back in the hands of owners.


Your business is as unique as you are. Bespoke debt settlement solutions become necessary when there is no one-size-fits-all, and each strategy we create hones our ability to find the best path forward for you.


When business value is preserved that would otherwise be lost or destroyed through bankruptcy, all parties benefit. The RISE Program will settle the majority of your debt, resolve your personal guaranties and allow you to emerge from distress.

Understanding Debt Restructuring

How Does Debt Restructuring Work?

Debt restructuring is the practice of renegotiating the current terms of outstanding business debt obligations into new terms that the business owner can afford and the creditor will accept. In its purest form, business debt restructuring is a vital part of the small to medium-sized business world and, when done correctly, can not only save the business but also get creditors paid on files they would have otherwise had to write off.

The key is finding a program that actually focuses on providing a realistic, comprehensive plan that addresses the business owner’s needs and circumstances while taking into account their financial obligations to their creditors. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about this, and most debt settlement companies leave something to be desired.

The Old Model of Debt Settlement

The majority of the debt restructuring/debt settlement industry follows the same ineffective model that worked 10 years ago prior to the emergence of the current MCA industry. The model consists of building up cash reserves in an escrow or operating account with the intention of presenting the creditor companies with lump sum offers to secure substantial discounts on the principal balances. This model is effective with unsecured debt, such as:

  • Personal & business credit cards
  • Vendor & supplier debt
  • Unsecured loans & LOCs
  • Equipment leases and loans (as long as the equipment is not vital and can be repossessed)

The Old Debt Settlement Model Doesn’t Work Anymore

The Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) industry emerged on the scene in 2014 using the “cash flow” model – determining qualification based on three months of bank statements showing the cash flow into the business. Right away, business owners were encouraged to “stack” their debt – adding multiple MCA positions on top of their previous advances.

When business owners inevitably defaulted on multiple advances, the collection tactics employed by the MCA funders became aggressive and litigious, putting many merchants and business owners at risk of closing their doors. These tactics include sending 406 Lien Notices that enable them to collect from merchants by:

  • Freezing bank accounts (both business and personal)
  • Freezing credit card processors (ie: Stripe/Square/Shopify etc.)
  • Directly contacting customers and demanding payment of funds due to the merchant/business owner
  • Contacting medical insurance providers and demanding payment of funds due to the doctor/medical practice
  • Freezing payment portals (ie: Cash App/PayPal/Venmo etc.)
  • Freezing funds from delivery services (GrubHub/Uber Eats/DoorDash)

Due to these aggressive tactics, MCA debt became the main focus of merchants and business owners, taking precedence over unsecured debt in terms of payment priority. This means the old model of building up cash reserves over time leaves you vulnerable to creditor attack, rendering the way other debt settlement companies do business not only ineffective but also dangerous.

Our Approach is Different

At Rise Alliance, we don’t believe in simply stalling creditors while you save for a settlement. We take immediate, proactive steps to work directly with your creditors to fully resolve your business debt and personal guaranties. By engaging with creditors, rather than actively working against them, we protect your business and its cash flow, paving the way for a brighter financial future.

Whether your debt is made up of merchant cash advances, business credit card debt, vendor debt or other unsecured debt, the RISE Program can help. Rise Alliance offers an ethical and accessible alternative to bankruptcy.

When your business succeeds, everybody wins.

What Our Clients are Saying

If You Are Struggling Under the Weight of Unsupportable Debt, You Have Three Options:

Option #1: Choose not to work with a third party and go it alone.

But where to even begin? Raising more equity capital, if that’s even an option, isn’t going to work out in your favor when your business is distressed. Borrowing more at this point likely feels like drowning in quicksand – and does nothing to address underlying problems. Consolidating the debt might help in the short term, but really just leads to paying more interest over time.

And then, of course, there’s bankruptcy.

Option #2: Work with a business debt settlement company that uses the old model.

These companies will stall your creditors while you save for settlement. The intent is to present the creditor companies with an offer that secures a discount on the principal balance.

This is a fine solution if you haven’t engaged with any aggressive creditors. But Merchant Cash Advance providers and other predatory lenders you have inadvertently engaged with can freeze your bank accounts or directly contact your customers to demand payment. Meanwhile, you are diligently putting funds in an escrow account like your debt settlement company advised, unaware that you’re vulnerable to these creditor attacks. 

Option #3: Work with Rise Alliance.

Serving as the business debt resolution arm of Second Wind Consultants – America’s most respected name in corporate turnaround – our RISE Program has saved thousands of businesses.

We start by Restructuring your company, preserving jobs and your business’s overall value. Next, we Insulate your cash, operating accounts and customers from creditor interference. Lastly, we Strategize the best path forward so you Emerge from distress primed for a turnaround or a successful exit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my business is right for this program?

If your company is falling behind on payments to any of your creditors, vendors, suppliers or employees, the RISE program is definitely worth considering.  If you have taken out additional financing to cover any of the creditors listed above or if you haven’t taken a paycheck for yourself in weeks, months or years, you owe it to yourself to learn about the RISE Program and our efficient and ethical restructuring process.

I have multiple MCAs. Will the RISE Program still work for me?

A majority of our clients enroll in the RISE Program with multiple positions, and all have one thing in common. They’re experiencing severe cash flow constraints due to excessive daily, weekly or monthly payments that they can no longer support.  Rise Alliance advisors negotiate acceptable terms with your lenders that affordable and benefit all parties.

How long will it take for the creditors and lawyers to come to an agreement?

That depends on the situation. Typically, the average is two to eight weeks, which is beneficial for business owners in need cash flow. In situations requiring more aggressive action, settlements can be expedited. 

We Resolve Debt in the Following Categories

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Unlike other “debt settlement” companies that simply delay the inevitable, Rise Alliance takes a proactive approach to debt resolution. Your consultation is risk-free, with no obligation to work with us if it doesn’t feel like exactly the right fit.

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