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Franchise Agreement Renegotiations

Are you struggling with your franchise agreement? Is the burden of compliance and royalty payments threatening the viability of your franchise location? Rise Alliance offers expert debt resolution services explicitly tailored for franchisees navigating the complexities of franchise agreement renegotiations.

Understanding Franchise Agreements

Franchise models provide entrepreneurs with turnkey business opportunities, complete with proven business models, marketing strategies and buildout project management. However, not all franchise models are suitable for every location, and franchisees may find themselves unable to sustain the terms of their franchise agreements.

Our Approach

At Rise Alliance, we specialize in reorganizational strategies that preserve the underlying value of distressed franchise businesses. Our goal is to find a resolution that benefits both franchisees and franchisors, ultimately preserving the location and protecting the brand. Here’s how our approach works:

Preserving the Operation: Our priority is to preserve the operation of the franchise location, ensuring continuity for employees, customers and stakeholders.

Negotiation with Franchisors: We work directly with franchisors to modify, terminate or settle outstanding franchise agreements, negotiating terms that are fair and reasonable for all parties involved.

Benefits of Our Approach

Preservation of Business Value: Our reorganizational strategies ensure that the underlying value of the franchise business is preserved, safeguarding the investment of franchisees and franchisors alike.

Resolution for Both Parties: By finding a resolution that benefits both franchisees and franchisors, we foster positive relationships and maintain the integrity of the franchise brand.

Expert Guidance: Our team has extensive experience working with franchisees and franchisors across various industries, providing expert guidance throughout the negotiation process.

Why Choose Rise Alliance?

Industry Expertise: We have a deep understanding of the complexities of franchise agreements and the unique challenges faced by franchisees.

Proven Track Record: Rise Alliance has successfully negotiated franchise agreement resolutions for numerous clients, achieving favorable outcomes that protect the interests of all parties involved.

Tailored Solutions: Our solutions are customized to meet the specific needs of each franchisee, ensuring that their interests are represented and protected throughout the negotiation process.

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