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Proactive MCA Intervention

Resolve Debt and Personal Guaranties with Proactive MCA Debt Relief

Are you drowning in Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) debt, struggling to keep your business afloat? 

Have you started “stacking” MCA loans, taking on new debt to help cover the repayment terms of the old debt? 

Are you afraid of what might happen if you default on a merchant cash advance?

At Rise Alliance, we understand the challenges you’re facing. That’s why we offer ethical and transparent MCA debt relief services designed to insulate your business from creditor attack.

Most “debt relief” companies operate on an outdated model that leaves your business’s cash flow vulnerable. And many do not conduct business ethically or prudently, leaving business owners financially worse off than before.

Rise Alliance is the industry leader for MCA debt restructuring that is both ethical and transparent. Our RISE Program (Restructure, Insulate, Strategize & Emerge) allows you to resolve debt without bankruptcy

Rise Program


Our restructuring solutions work for businesses of all sizes, not just the largest corporations deemed too big to fail. Whether you’re a small business with outstanding SBA obligations, or an enterprise-level company with a complex board of directors, we create a single, clearly outlined path to resolution. 

Restructuring preserves business value to the benefit of all parties including business owners and their creditors. As a pragmatic alternative to more debt, bankruptcy or failure, restructuring offers the most ethical and certain path to resolving distress while preserving businesses, jobs and economic activity.


We immediately insulate your cash flow, operating accounts, receivables and customers from creditor interference. No longer can the MCA company freeze your Stripe account, or try to get their money from your customers directly. This action puts the control back in the hands of owners.


Your business is as unique as you are. Bespoke debt settlement solutions become necessary when there is no one-size-fits-all, and each strategy we create hones our ability to find the best path forward for you.


When business value is preserved that would otherwise be lost or destroyed through bankruptcy, all parties benefit. The RISE Program will settle the majority of your debt, resolve your personal guaranties and allow you to emerge from distress.

Understanding Merchant Cash Advances

What is Merchant Cash Advance Debt?

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) debt is a financial arrangement where businesses receive a lump sum payment in exchange for a percentage of future credit card sales. Unlike traditional loans, MCAs are not regulated as loans, making them a popular option for businesses in need of quick cash.

Common Pitfalls of Merchant Cash Advances

If your business is experiencing a cash flow crunch and you’re unable to qualify for a traditional bank loan, an MCA can seem like a very attractive solution. But like most things that sound to good to be true, MCAs have some downsides.

  • Immediate cash flow squeeze – Payments are deducted directly from your business bank account, causing immediate cash flow challenges.
  • Unpredictable repayment – Payments are based on a percentage of credit card sales and can fluctuate based on the business’s sales volume.
  • Hidden costs and high fees – While MCAs may seem convenient, the true cost can be exorbitant due to confusing and often hidden fees. The interest rate for an MCA is calculated as a “factor,” making it difficult to compare to a traditional loan and concealing the fact that the equivalent APR often exceeds 100%.

How Merchant Cash Advance Rates are Determined

The cost of an MCA is determined by a factor rate, typically ranging from 1.1 to 1.5 or higher. This rate is applied to the advance amount to calculate the total repayment. Borrowers often mentally think of a factor rate as an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and mistakenly think they’re getting a good deal. This article explains how factor rates can conceal really unfavorable terms.

What Happens When You Default on an MCA?

If you default on your MCA, prepare yourself from some surprisingly aggressive collection tactics.

  • Legal recourse – MCA funders may file a confession of judgment (COJ), granting them legal authority to seize your assets or freeze your accounts without warning.
  • Client intervention – MCA funders can reach out to your clients directly and demand that they redirect payments to them. This has potential to damage your client relationships and negatively impacting your cash flow.

The Rise Alliance Solution

We know how Merchant Cash Advance companies operate because we used to work for them. Right away, would could see everything with the industry that was wrong – the companies charged too many fees, they didn’t deliver on their promises, and they expertly skirted legal repercussions for often nefarious actions. 

Driven to do business we could be proud of, we created Rise Alliance. Our mission is to help business owners achieve financial freedom by resolving business debt and personal guaranties. The clear-cut process that allows us to do that?


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my business is right for this program?

If your company is falling behind on payments to any of your creditors, vendors, suppliers or employees, the RISE program is definitely worth considering.  If you have taken out additional financing to cover any of the creditors listed above or if you haven’t taken a paycheck for yourself in weeks, months or years, you owe it to yourself to learn about the RISE Program and our efficient and ethical restructuring process.

I have multiple MCAs. Will the RISE Program still work for me?

A majority of our clients enroll in the RISE Program with multiple positions, and all have one thing in common. They’re experiencing severe cash flow constraints due to excessive daily, weekly or monthly payments that they can no longer support.  Rise Alliance advisors negotiate acceptable terms with your lenders that affordable and benefit all parties.

How long will it take for the creditors and lawyers to come to an agreement?

That depends on the situation. Typically, the average is two to eight weeks, which is beneficial for business owners in need cash flow. In situations requiring more aggressive action, settlements can be expedited. 

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