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Aaron Todrin

President, Second Wind Consultants

Aaron Todrin is the President of Second Wind Consultants, Inc. (“SWC”), a business consultancy that specializes in transactional-based debt workouts.  SWC has transformed Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code from a liquidation tool to a business preservation model that operates as an efficient and effective alternative to Chapter 11 reorganizations, ABCs, or other turnaround methodologies. Businesses are preserved through the transaction, debt is wiped off the assets, and creditors recover maximum value in the face of extreme financial distress or even business closure.

Mr. Todrin is also an active attorney – he practiced in the Federal Bankruptcy Courts in Boston, Massachusetts for six years, which is the source of his first-hand exposure to the inefficiencies and downright failures of the Bankruptcy Code. There is a better way to help some companies faced with unsupportable debt in a capitalism-based economy, and that is Article 9.  SWC has conducted approximately 1,600 Article 9 Reorganizations in the last 11 years, thereby saving exponentially more jobs while creating value for and in the American economy.

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