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Adam Duso

Chief Executive Officer, Second Wind Consultants

Adam Duso is the Chief Executive Officer of Second Wind Consultants, a consultancy that focuses on business preservation through strategic short sales. Adam has acted as the company’s Director of Consulting, a senior workout consultant, and a variety of other key roles for the company throughout his 13+ year tenure at SWC.

Adam Has conducted and advised on hundreds of reorganizations, many of which were conducted under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. By doing so, he has helped settle ten of millions of dollars in unsupportable debt, helped hundreds of businesses avoid bankruptcy, and saved thousands of jobs.

Mr. Duso has his MBA, has led two different distressed private equity funds, and specializes in settling and resolving outstanding SBA debts, traditional bank debts, and alternative lending products. He also has expertise in strategic planning, growth through acquisition, M&A advisory, financial forecasting, and distressed debt placements.

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