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Our Approach

Our approach is to offer business owners burdened with unsupportable debt a predictable and transparent way out. Rise Alliance is a division of Second Wind Consultants, America’s most respected name in corporate turnaround. Together, Rise Alliance and Second Wind have created the nation’s largest network of commercial lenders, attorneys, restructuring professionals and working capital providers to serve our clients – with strength and scope not available anywhere else. 

Almost all “business debt relief companies” operate the same way: Stall your creditors while you save for settlement. The problem is, in today’s world of aggressive creditor and Merchant Cash Advance tactics, this not only doesn’t work, but it can leave you financially worse off than before. Our team of experts has over 30 years of combined experience, allowing us to do debt settlement differently and work with your creditors instead of against them. Rise Alliance’s Proactive Settlement Program can fully resolve your business debt and personal guaranties while protecting your business and its cash flow. 

RISE Program


Our restructuring solutions work for businesses of all sizes, not just the largest corporations deemed too big to fail. Whether you’re a small business with outstanding SBA obligations, or an enterprise-level company with a complex board of directors, we create a single, clearly outlined path to resolution. 

Restructuring preserves business value to the benefit of all parties including business owners and their creditors. As a pragmatic alternative to more debt, bankruptcy or failure, restructuring offers the most ethical and certain path to resolving distress while preserving businesses, jobs and economic activity.


We immediately insulate your cash flow, operating accounts, receivables and customers from creditor interference. No longer can an MCA company freeze your Stripe account, or try to get money from your customers directly. This action puts control back in the hands of owners.


Your business is as unique as you are. Bespoke debt settlement solutions become necessary when there is no one-size-fits-all, and each strategy we create hones our ability to find the best path forward for you.


When business value is preserved that would otherwise be lost or destroyed through bankruptcy, all parties benefit. The RISE Program will settle the majority of your debt, resolve your personal guaranties and allow you to emerge from distress.

Our commitment to helping clients achieve peace of mind means the values of ethics and transparency are paramount. With most debt relief companies, very little is transparent. The only things that are certain are the fees they will extract from your already struggling businesses. Because Rise Alliance works with creditors to immediately reach affordable settlements, the path to favorable resolution is clear from the start. This means an end to aggressive creditor actions, so you can get back to business and put debt behind you.

Get Business Debt Relief Not Available Anywhere Else

Learn how the RISE program can fully resolve business debt in a win-win for borrowers and creditors alike.

Preserve Your Financial Well Being

Realistic debt settlement and personal guaranty resolution that’s in the best interest of you, your business and even your creditors. Because if your business succeeds, all parties win. 

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